Ozzie Kirkby

About me

Hey there, I’m Ozzie 👋 I’m a Mechanical Engineering student at Queen’s University. In the past, I’ve interned at Shopify and Coinbase for Software Engineering. Right now, I am interested in learning data engineering, backend services, and product development. Otherwise, you’ll find me running, reading or taking photos.



Hackathon projects can be found on Devpost

Manage the complexity of reacuring subscriptions. Instantly see where your money is going.


Naturally combine units of measurement with Swift code to ensure dimensionally homogenous calculations at compile time.


Developed apart of a team at QHacks19. Create, browse, and vote on community recreations of Bitmojis


WWDC 17 Playground Submission. Interactive playground to experiment with roulettes and polygons

Central Filing

A filing cabinet for my thoughts.